About us

Meetins, shering and nature. Can you ask for more ?

Corinne has always kept a big garden and had a passion for cooking and entertaining relatives and friends despite the little time she could steal from her job. The house also boasts a big garden which is always green, due to the proximity of the lake (lac de Kruth Wildenstein) whose early morning dew keeps it naturally fresh ,even in the midst of the hottest spells in Alsacian summers. You will find several pleasant and privy spots for reading, meditating or simply having a rest. Corinne and Didier will introduce you to their litle paradise which becomes splendid in the winter when covered in snow. To her, good and healthy food is a must and therefore you have to produce most of it. In Kruth, the food comes from the garden or from local farms and producers. Their carefully chosen wine is also something to discover. Big tables where you share recipes, good tips for growing your own organic vegetables or buying good products have become a way of life.

There’s also the artist to meet

Les “Arts Verts” wouldn’t exist but for Didier. Originally painter and copperplate engraver, Didier has gradually extended his skills to sculpture and ceramics. His artwork is present in all the rooms and gives the house its atmosphere. Didier will be happy to share his savoir faire about his techniques and Corinne will be there to tell you about the story of the making of the various pieces. And if you feel like it, Didier will teach you a few basics about painting or engraving. You will simply live in a world of contemporary art.

Colbert, the keeper of the premises

The house wouldn’t be what it is without the latest arived. After Mélanie, Marion and Léon, the three children of the family, Colbert, the French Bulldog has settled in.He is a real clown and believes himself irresistible, which he is in a way. He is 4 years old and wants to be part of everything. But although he is nosey and stubborn, the rooms are off limits for him.

History of a project come true

Didier, art teacher, painter and engraver, and his wife Corinne, Head of a High School have just taken a new start. Around their fifties, the last of their three children having left the nest, they felt the need for a new adventure. Corinne decided to retire and to open a guest house.

The ancient farmhouse next to their family house, that used to be Didier’s workshop has been completely redesigned to become home to two spacious guest rooms, a sauna and a new workshop for Didier.

The renovation was conducted with the help of a local firm with a constant worry to use environmental friendly material for the insulation and the heating.